Media Planning & Buying

Efficient media solutions for any size campaign

Working with international media owners, we help consolidate client spending to reduce costs and improve results.

Adfusion can help you to plan, buy and execute media campaigns with precision and strategic thinking. Working with an array of UK media owners, we will negotiate competitive rates and deliver real value.
Our team have handled hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of media campaigns, spearheading the entire process from start to finish. Using TV, radio, press, billboards and other offline channels, we put your campaign in front of targeted audiences and boost above the line brand awareness. 

Working with us to run your media campaigns offers much more than cost-efficiencies, freeing up your valuable time and resources to focus on your business. 
Our experience and strategic process deliver efficient advertising planning that is reliable and well-organised. Whether you are looking to book a single billboard or run a national multi-media campaign, Adfusion never disappoints.

Media Campaign Services

Out Of Home (OOH)

Target relevant demographics with strategically planned outdoor media to boost your brand.

    Billboards, supermarkets & more
    Digital outdoor billboards
    Fuel stations, bus backs & bus stops

Press Advertising

Reach readers by easily advertising in local newspapers and other print publications.

    Nationwide publication availability
    Bespoke advertising options
    Proof of posting checks

Multi-channel Campaigns

Running multi-channel media campaigns with us helps to improve budgeting and workflow.

    Single-supplier for invoicing
    Streamlined approval process
    Plan, book, design, execute & report

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