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Achieve your #MarketingGoals with Adfusion and go multi-channel to drive results.
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Tell your story across on-demand platforms like YouTube, Sky & Spotify

We partner with leading production firms across the UK, uniquely positioned to tailor a range of broadcast advertising campaigns for our clients. We manage the planning, procurement and delivery allowing your brand to reach millions across video and audio channels.

If you are new to advertising on Spotify, YouTube, Sky or any on-demand platforms, we can create a laser-focused campaign to identify your best opportunities.

Creating the perfect ad for video or sound involves a creative process and strategic thinking centred on your goals and business. Our specialists are on hand to ensure each step is easy and proactive.

Adfusion’s full-service approach to marketing means you can maximise your effectiveness with a multi-channel campaign. We can replicate your ad built for TV, VOD or Spotify and developed an optimised retargeting campaign across digital channels.

Next-level marketing

Precision-targeted campaigns across top platforms

We help you reach millions through modern broadcast advertising powered by digital strategy and data. Execute amazing campaigns at scale now.


With our specialist understanding, gain access best-in-class targeting options for your campaign and maximise results.

Audience demographics & interests
Customer intention & behaviour
Retail preferences & activity

We produce stand-out audio and video campaigns together with our specialist partners to capture audience attention.

Videography & photography shoots
Motion graphics & animation
Voice over & soundtracks

Adfusion supports your marketing budget by consolidating several moving parts and streamlining campaign costs.

Streamline production & advertising
Access preferential rates
Specialist campaign planning