Hosting Solutions

Reliable, ultra-fast & secure infrastructure

Our top tier website hosting is powered by Google data centres - some of the most advanced in the world.

We are connected with six separate data centres across the globe. The majority of our websites are hosted here in the UK.
Our web hosting service is built on the best available technologies combined with unique solutions for optimising performance. This powerful, hands-on approach makes your sites faster, safer, and easier to manage.

The physical data centres are operated by Google. They match 100% the energy consumed with renewable energy. 
Google is seriously committed to achieving carbon neutrality and has been a leader in energy efficiency by substantially reducing the compute emissions, providing higher efficiency of data serving and storage and diverting waste.


Security-first Approach

Realtime server monitoring

Our unique monitoring system checks the server status every 0.5 sec and not only detects ongoing issues and fixes many of them automatically, but is also able to prevent potential problems.

Continuous exploit protection

A dedicated security team is watching out for emerging threats and software vulnerabilities and writes smart new firewall rules to protect our servers and sites from hacking and breaches.

Automated malware defence

Advanced AI systems within the Google data centre blocks between 500,000 and 2 million brute-force attempts per day and stops malicious traffic before it reaches our customers’ sites.

High redundancy and availability

Fast connectivity & low latency

The data centres we use have the highest level of redundancy for all critical components. Electricity outages are prevented by multiple power feeds, on-site power generators and enterprise-class UPS technology. 
Uninterrupted network connectivity is guaranteed by the simultaneous usage of multiple major carriers. Google, which powers our infrastructure also provides distributed storage for strong built-in redundancy and application availability.

The Google-powered data centres we use offer high availability, low latency, and reliability. Google is especially renowned for maintaining one of the fastest and most powerful networks in the world used by most enterprise giants.
Route optimisation technologies, connections to internet backbones, and other mechanisms are in place to guarantee high bandwidth capacity and fast connectivity. We always work on delivering optimum hosting solutions for our clients.

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