Here is our brand


We like our logo - a lot! So, we use it wherever we can to reinforce the Adfusion personality. It is the most important part of our identity and should never be altered, tilted or edited in any way.
There is a dark and white version of our logo to use on light or dark backgrounds, with a vertical and horizontal layout. The default is always vertical, and the atom emblem can be used solo if needed.



Colour is important to us, we like to keep it simple with shades of grey and white. Fusion Pink and Fusion Slate is used for our core identity, and some variations can be used such as gradients or opacity for image backgrounds. Depth of colour should come from the images used.

Fusion Pink

HEX: #FF1669RGB: 255, 22, 105CMYK: 0, 93, 30, 0

Fusion Slate

HEX: #23364ERGB: 35, 54, 78CMYK: 55, 31, 0, 69


The typography we use is simple and consistent. The font used in our logo is Circular Bold but we never use that anywhere else. Our brand font is Poppins and we use this consistently across all applications. For main headings, sub headings and anything you want to stand out we use Use Poppins Extra Bold. Body copy should be used in Medium.


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